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House on Split Lot off Washington

8739 SE Washington Street recently split into two lots, allowing for the addition of a new single-family residence. That new house will face SE 88th Ave and should have an address on that street.

The existing 1947 era house will remain on the site. Removal of the existing detached single-car-garage will be necessary to make way for the new structure. A ten-foot-wide sewer easement is a requirement of the lot division. It will run along the side of the original house from Washington Street to the back lot.

UPDATE – Demolition permit 20-180023 is under review with the city. It seeks to demolish the detached garage in preparation for building a new single-family residence.

Original story posted July 20, 2020

Construction Update Feb 2020

-Updated Feb 15th-

7707 SE Alder Street completed after the 2016 controversy cooled down. Regardless of how you feel about removing single family homes to allow for housing density, the final outcome looks nice. Fitting 12 units into a lot of that size, often feels dense and urban. The shared courtyard here looks like a good way to breakup individual units and hides the scale of this complex. I would like to hear from our new neighbours how it feels to live here.

475 NE 74th Ave is nearing completion. The 3 Story, twelve (12) unit apartment building is directly behind the Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge and across from the former Trinity Broadcasting Network building.

7901 NE Glisan Street‘s progress has appeared to stall with little evidence of progress on the outside of the building. This has been a slow moving project that has completely revitalized a near wreck of a building. When completed it looks to have a large retail space below with multiple apartments on top. Salvaging this building was a bold choice but it has kept the character of this stretch of Glisan intact.