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REM on Glisan

– UPDATED – A different type of retail space is taking form at 6935 NE Glisan Street. Called Rocket Empire Machine (REM), it aims to make affordable retail space available on NE Glisan, as more shopfronts convert to higher rental rates. Next Portland has reported that the renovation of this existing 1949 building will include (4) micro-restaurants and (1) bar with shared indoor and outdoor seating. The space is set to open in early 2020 but it is unknown if they have signed leases with any prospective tenants. -UPDATE- A reader sent in a link noting that Gigantic Brewing Company has committed to being one of the new tenants for REM.

UPDATE: Oregon Liquor Control Commission recorded a Liquor Licence on 02/25/2020 for Gigantic Brewing Company LLC at this address.

Photo by Guerrilla Development

As part of this project, a new 2 story apartment with 11 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) sleeping units will be built on the lot. It will occupy the former parking lot for the original building and be massed on NE 70th Ave. The NE Glisan facing portion of the building will contain one additional retail space. Portland has lost many of its SRO residences over its growth years and this will be an informative experiment of how well this addresses people on the edge of homelessness.

The REM project will do a great deal to improve the walkable commerce expansion that is cleaning up NE Glisan. Not only is it remaking a derelict property, the rent subsidy and affordable housing should encourage occupancy. The more people who live near, work on, and walk NE Glisan the faster that stretch of Montavilla will grow.