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Tich Tac Shipping Rebranded USG

Tich Tac Shipping & Services opened at 8155 SE Ash Street one year ago. Currently, the location is rebranding as US Express Global and features a new sign reading “USG.” The business will continue to offer freight transportation services to Vietnam.

The shipping company provides full-package logistics and customs clearance services for items traveling from the US to Vietnam. Despite the name change, people using his location should not see a disruption to the services provided. Tich Tac customers have a dedicated login on the US Express Global website for managing their accounts.

For more information on this business or to arrange for a shipment to Vietnam, reach out to them via Facebook or phone at (503) 208-3420

Shipping Business Opening Near Hong Phat

UPDATE – New sign has been added to the building.

In the space formerly occupied by Tiem Vang Ngoc Vi Jeweler, in the shopping complex next to Hong Phat Market, is a new shipping business. Tich TAC Shipping & Services will be located at 8155 SE Ash Street.

This appears to be a second location for Tich Tac. Currently, their Facebook page only references the location inside the SF Supermarket, at 5253 SE 82nd Ave #21. This is impressive growth for a company incorporated less than nine month ago, in July 2019. Tich Tac specializes in transporting goods from the US to Vietnam. They provide a logistics service offering consolidation, customs clearance, packaging, and domestic freight.

No opening date has yet been announced. We have reached out to Tich Tac to get more information and will update this post when information becomes available.

Original article was published April 2nd, 2020.