McDonald’s Minor Renovation

The Montavilla McDonald’s at 8149 SE Stark Street is getting interior updates. It was not too long ago, back in Mind 2017, when the outside of the fast food restaurant was completely refaced. At that same time the interior was updated to a new esthetic. They even brought in a self service kiosks for placing orders.

Apparently there’s more to do as a new permit was issues 2/28/20 to provide a “new service counter, menu boards, new partition wall to separate service counter from seating.” The project is only set to cost $20,000 and it will look more like a reconfiguration. The wall behind the three casheregistars will move forward and the equipment behind the counter will be moved back into the kitchen area.

They will reduce the chashregistars down by one, to have only two human manned stations. Plans indicate that they will add two double sided self service Kiosks across from the cash wrap. The conversion to kiosk based ordering at McDonald’s is happening across the nation, and it has now hit our local McDonald’s.

There is no indication whether the work can be accomplished during the evening, when the dining room is closed, or if there will be some daytime closures of the interior.