Hemp Extraction Facility

Update (February 24th, 2022) – The Permit Application expired and the building is now rented to a different tenant.

Just off NE Glisan, a former auto body repair shop will be transformed into a “hemp extraction facility.” Permit Application 20-122182-000-00-CO has been submitted for 422 NE 80TH Ave. It includes a request to change the occupancy from S1 to F1, allowing the business to operate as a factory.

The remodel work will be minimal, with around $5,000 in alterations. “Interior changes consist only of lighting and equipment. Exterior work limited to the installation of an RPBA assembly in or near the row.”

Hemp extraction facilities primarily produce CBD oil and are not often associated with recreational drug use. Although the occupancy is set as a factory, there should not be any disruption to the neighboring houses and apartments.