New Home Joins Existing House

Update March 11th, 2022Work is now underway on the single-family home.

A proposed two-story home will join an existing single-story house on the property at 1316 NE 76th Ave. The 1923 era home will remain on the lot with the new structure. Future property line adjustments may occur to accommodate a sale.

Permit 20-219283 seeks to construct a new single-family house with an attached single-car garage. This property is adjacent to a recently completed infill home. Public Registry number 20-172721 confirmed the lot lines for Lot 14 and the south half of Lot 15. The northern half of Lot 15 contains the completed infill house at 1328 NE 76th Ave, while the southern half of Lot 15 is the proposed new building’s site.

In this neighborhood plan, each full lot is 50 feet wide. Construction on a half-width lot leaves little room for the house, often constraining a structure to 15-feet wide. Comfortable floor plans can exist in homes of that scale. However, the single-car garage will dominate the front of the house and push the interior activities to the property’s rear. The building will likely look similar to its northern neighbor, but there is an opportunity for a creative design of this skinny house to differentiate it from other split-lot homes.

Infill homes are a needed expansion for Portland’s constrained housing market. Another residence in this area will be a beneficial addition to the city and use undeveloped land without removing older buildings. Construction will likely begin in early 2021.