Dormant Housing Project Awakening on NE 76th

Over a year ago, Wilde Properties proposed building a single-family home at 1320 NE 76th Avenue next door to their identical project at 1328 NE 76th Avenue. The permit application in November of 2020 proceeded the purchase of the 25-foot wide lot by nearly a year. Construction crews are busy at the site, having just completed the foundation work, and are now moving onto the framing.

Both architected by Thogerson Designs, this new home follows the same floor-plan as its neighbor to the north. It is also a duplicate of another development at 8014 SE Madison Street that used identical Thogerson Designs blueprints. However, this house currently under construction will utilize a gabled roof instead of the hipped roof with a craftsman dormer seen in the other two versions of the home. The dormer struggles to fit the scale of the 15 feet wide buildings, and its removal may be an aesthetically pleasing choice.

The real estate listing for 1328 NE 76th Avenue is available online for viewing and contains some insightful images. As both share the same interior design and developer, there will likely be many similarities between the two projects. Previous articles have covered the intelligent use of limited space in this floor plan, making its replication a fitting choice on skinny lots.

In this case, the home itself is less remarkable compared to the timing of its construction. The delayed purchase seemed to indicate a lower confidence level in the project’s success. Housing prices have remained high during the pandemic. However, new construction dipped significantly due to labor shortages, material costs, and developer hesitation. Building on this project could indicate that economic uncertainty is subsiding within the developer community. Wilde Properties specializes in infill home construction and knows how to succeed in the housing market. If they have faith to build at this time, it should signal safety to other developers. If enough dormant projects began construction, Summer 2022 could see a return to development levels not witnessed since 2019.