New Corners at NE 92nd Pl and Burnside

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) plans to reconstruct curb ramps at NE 92nd Place and E Burnside Street. Crews will expand the pedestrian zone by constructing a curb extension at the northeast corner. Across the T intersection, on the south edge of E Burnside, workers will add a new curb ramp in alignment with the eastern crossing.

This sidewalk work will add safety infrastructure for both pedestrians and motorists. East Burnside allows drivers to travel from 82nd Avenue to 99th without stopping. Parked vehicles along E Burnside often obstruct intersection markers, giving the illusion of one continuous thoroughfare. The parking design creates a situation where drivers fail to observe pedestrians and cars attempting to enter the roadway. Curb extensions allow people to wait for a break in traffic beyond the edge of the parking lane and within sight of all vehicle operators. Additionally, the visible sidewalk extending beyond the parked cars will signal drivers that an intersection exists ahead where they may need to yield to others.

Image from the PEDSAFE guide produced for the US Highway Administration

Designers of the curb extension also expanded the stormwater management at the corner, adding a collection grate in two places. After reconstruction is complete, rainwater from NE 92nd Place will have a dedicated collection point separate from the other one along E Burnside Street. This intersection exists at a low point in the road, creating the potential for minor flooding. Many of the improvements in this project should eliminate issues with standing water on the road.

Northwest corner at NE 92nd Pl and Burnside

Expect to see crews working at this intersection in the coming months, with detours for pedestrians expected during construction. After work concludes, residents should see a safer junction with a more comfortable pedestrian crossing point on what has become a well-used street.

Northeast corner at NE 92nd Pl and Burnside

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