SE 92nd and Lincoln Crossing with Protected Lanes

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) recently reconfigured a section of SE 92nd Avenue at SE Lincoln Street during phase one of a Safe Routes to School project. Workers updated the parking configuration and restricted travel lanes to create a safer bike path and improve pedestrian visibility while crossing the busy street. Traffic engineers placed round concrete diverters, narrowing the roadway and providing protection for cyclists. However, those imposing yellow barriers already show signs of shifting from their prescribed place.

The oneway turnout from the southbound lane on SE 92nd Avenue

In 2017, during the Safe Routes to School outreach process, school community members identified this crossing as an essential connection for students and families accessing Harrison Park School. SE 92nd Avenue widens considerably at Lincoln Street, making it challenging for pedestrians to cross. People often use the shortest crossing point on the street to minimize their exposure to vehicles. However, a slight curve in the road obscures crossing pedestrians from view at several natural crossing points along this intersection. Additionally, the ample lane width and wide shoulder at this intersection allowed vehicles to travel at high speeds. Traffic studies note that wider roadways without physical obstructions at the shoulder facilitate faster driving.

Concrete filled diverter shifted off its mark and partially blocking the bike lane

During the first phase of work, PBOT crews placed 11 round traffic diverters created from concrete-pipe segments. Workers positioned three yellow-painted barriers on the east side of SE 92nd Avenue and four on the west side near where PBOT plans to install a marked crosswalk protected by a raised crossing island. Four other traffic diverters are now on the west side of SE 92nd Avenue, defining the separation between the main roadway and a oneway turnout. Although the concrete barriers possess a significant weight, the furthest southeast concrete-filled diverter was shifted off its painted assigned space and now partially blocks the bike lane. It is unknown if a collision or intentional displacement caused this movement or if it is only awaiting final repositioning by PBOT.

Crews will return in Spring 2023 to install new curb ramps, sidewalks, raised pedestrian island, and two crosswalks. Until road crews complete those safety improvements, users of this intersection should remain cautious while crossing SE 92nd Avenue near Lincoln Street.

Illustrated satellite view courtesy PBOT
  1. Build a segment of sidewalk and three new curb ramps on the NW and SW corners of the intersection 
  2. Mark crosswalks across SE Lincoln and SE 92nd Ave
  3. Build a concrete island in the SE 92nd Ave crosswalk to provide a waiting space for people walking
  4. Tighten turning radius to slow southbound vehicles turning right from SE 92nd onto SE Lincoln
  5. Separate automobile and bicycle travel lanes with concrete barriers
  6. Extend the east side bike lane through the intersection
  7. Adjust parking spaces by: removing six (6) legal parking spaces, but adding four (4) new legal parking spaces. This will be a total change of removing two (2).

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