6 Townhouses Proposed for SE Division and 76th

A recently purchased wooded lot at SE 76th Avenue and Division Street may soon host six new two-story townhouses. This 4,233 square foot parcel at 2401 SE 76th Avenue originally served as the side yard for the 1950-era home to its south. Five of the six residences will have an address on SE Division Street, with entrances opening onto a recently created TriMet FX2 bus platform. One unit is positioned with the front door on SE 76th Avenue.

Provision Investment Inc purchased this property in September 2021. It has changed hands twice since then and is currently owned by Montana Investments, a Limited Liability Company (LLC). That LLC has a single member, Andrey Bolokhovskiy, who also owns Provision.

For this site to support six homes, the developer would need to remove most or all of the trees on the property. That will significantly change the appearance of the corner and further transform SE Division into a constantly urban Street. This location will not offer onsite parking or curbside parking due to its proximity to a bus stop. However, housing in this location will have access to fast public transit right outside the front door of each new home. The permit applications still need to be approved, and the project could change before work begins. If approved, expect construction to start in the second half of 2023.

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