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6 Townhouses Proposed for SE Division and 76th

A recently purchased wooded lot at SE 76th Avenue and Division Street may soon host six new two-story townhouses. This 4,233 square foot parcel at 2401 SE 76th Avenue originally served as the side yard for the 1950-era home to its south. Five of the six residences will have an address on SE Division Street, with entrances opening onto a recently created TriMet FX2 bus platform. One unit is positioned with the front door on SE 76th Avenue.

Provision Investment Inc purchased this property in September 2021. It has changed hands twice since then and is currently owned by Montana Investments, a Limited Liability Company (LLC). That LLC has a single member, Andrey Bolokhovskiy, who also owns Provision.

For this site to support six homes, the developer would need to remove most or all of the trees on the property. That will significantly change the appearance of the corner and further transform SE Division into a constantly urban Street. This location will not offer onsite parking or curbside parking due to its proximity to a bus stop. However, housing in this location will have access to fast public transit right outside the front door of each new home. The permit applications still need to be approved, and the project could change before work begins. If approved, expect construction to start in the second half of 2023.

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24 Apartments on NE Hoyt

Work is underway on two apartment buildings located in a dead-end section of NE Hoyt Street. Concrete crews recently completed the foundation for both three-story buildings. The 12 unit structures are mirror duplicates of each other, with their construction occurring simultaneously. However, each multi-family development will reside on separate lots owned by different companies.

Provision Group bought this property in September 2020. At the beginning of 2022, demolition crews removed the duplex at 9022-9032 NE Hoyt Street a year after applying for the permit to raze the 1959-era single-story building. Soon after crews cleared the property, the developer spit it into two new 50-foot by 95-foot lots. In July 2022, the owner sold each lot to separate Limited Liability Companies (LLC). D&B Properties LLC now owns 9050 NE Hoyt Street, and Hoyt Development LLC owns 9060 NE Hoyt Street. Provision’s owner, Andrey Bolokhovskiy, is a partner in the two new LLCs.

9060 NE Hoyt Street foundation

The buildings offer a total of 24 units up to 689 square feet in size, accessible through exterior stairwells. Each building has one set of stairs facing the street and a second set on the side of the structures accessed through a walkway between the buildings. Residents on the upper floors will have access to balconies from within the units. A development of this size will likely require new sidewalk and curb construction in front of both buildings. However, the properties on either side of this project lack modern street-side infrastructure, so the new pedestrian path will be underutilized until future redevelopment creates connections to the sidewalk.

Rental pricing is unknown at this time, but this could become workforce housing in a section of Montavilla recently seeing new density development. These apartments will provide homes for people just one block from NE Glisan Street and the number 19 TriMet bus. The Gateway Transit center is also within walking distance. This project exemplifies the type of middle-housing solutions required to meet Portland’s expanding demand for new residences. 

9050 NE Hoyt Street foundation

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New Home with ADU on Multnomah

The unique two-household development at 6975 NE Multnomah Street is nearing completion. The new structure replaces a detached garage that previously belonged to 1205 NE 70th Avenue before the developer divided the lot. Listed as a house with an attached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), it splits 1500 square feet into an east and west half. 

Both units share a front porch, with the main house accessed off a side door to the west. Entering the primary home leads through an “L” shaped kitchen into a living room. A half bathroom sits tight to the shared center wall at the back corner of the main level. Two bedrooms on the second story divide the floor, with the larger one taking up the front. The smaller back bedroom is next to a three-quarters shared bathroom and stacked laundry closet.

The ADU unit on the east side has the living room at the front and a compact kitchen at the back of the home. The half bathroom is positioned in a mirror image to the one on the other side of the dividing wall. On the ADU’s second floor, Two bedrooms take a position at the front and back of the level. A full bathroom and stacked laundry closet occupy the reaming space on the upper floor. The blueprints for the building show both ADU bedroom closets as having 3′ 2″ raised floors. This configuration removes the closets from the floor area calculation and safely places the project’s total habitable space below the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) maximum for this project.

Designers of this home took steps to make the home’s exterior visually interesting. It employs a skillion and lean-to roof with several window projections. The gabled porch roof pushes forward towards the sidewalk slightly, providing depth to the entryway. This design hides the building’s boxy footprint and makes the small two-family home seem larger. Expect to see this property listed for sale within the next few months.

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9 Unit Building Planned for SE Clay

Last April, Provision Investments purchased a 35-foot wide lot located east of 8406 SE Clay Street. The new owner intends to construct a three-story-tall structure containing nine residences. The new multifamily building will feature a communal bike room and internal trash facilities.

The project’s site contains one small shed but is otherwise undeveloped. Permit application 22-110546 did not mention onsite parking. However, at just 3,500 square feet, there is likely insufficient space to support automobile storage and nine residences. A significant number of driveways and poor pavement connotations limit curbside parking in this area. This segment of SE Clay street is an under-improved road with no sidewalks or curbs.

SE Clay Street from 84th Ave

In the last few decades, developers added several new single-family homes along this street without installing sidewalks or curbs in front of their properties. Smaller developments in Portland can pay the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC) instead of building sidewalks. It prevents short segments of unconnected pedestrian paths and focuses developer money towards whole street improvements. In June 2020, Portland City Council expanded LTIC to cover multifamily buildings containing up to four units. This Clay Street project is over the limit and will likely need to create 35 feet of sidewalk and repair the roadway directly in front of the property.

Portland Maps view of lot

Although this development may seem removed from transit options, it is just one block away from bus options on 82nd Avenue and near the bike-friendly SE Mill Street. Residents of these apartments may find the under-built infrastructure challenging. However, the project offers additional housing options that will meet the needs of some Portlanders looking for homes.

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Apartment Complex on NE Hoyt

Developers will soon build twenty-four apartment units on NE Hoyt Street, creating greater housing density near a transit corridor. The proposal splits these homes between two multi-story buildings on a 100 foot-wide lot. A previous demolition permit seeks to remove the duplex currently at the site. The project is across a dead-end street from Gracelyn Commons, a fifteen-house development in phase two of construction.

A recent permit application reveals plans for a three-story building with twelve apartments. The application references another unannounced building next to it featuring an inverted layout. “New 12 unit 3-story apartment project at 9022 NE Hoyt st. Mirror image to apartment complex at 9032 NE Hoyt.” Provision Group bought this property in September of 2020 and has yet to demolish the existing homes on the property.

The design of the apartment complex is not yet public, and the issue of onsite parking is undetermined. The project’s designer, Bayard Mentrum Architecture, is currently working with the same developer on a nine-unit apartment near 8115 SE Yamhill StreetOther twin building developments in the area share a common center pathway between the two buildings. The designer may use a similar space-saving approach to this project. It is also possible to create tuck-under parking with a shared center driveway, although that sacrifices a considerable amount of habitable space. For this reason, many modern apartment projects reduce onsite parking capacity, particularly when near public transit options.

Located at 9022 NE Hoyt Street, these apartments are within walking distance from the Gateway Transit Center and joins other density-focused developments in the area. Up to now, Gateway area development has occurred east of I205. This northeast corner of Montavilla offers many of the same enticing transportation options that attract high-capacity housing across the freeway. This project on NE Hoyt Street is likely the first of many such apartment projects coming to the area.

Nine Unit Apartment on Yamhill

Last week developers proposed a nine-unit apartment building on SE Yamhill street. The new three-story development will fill the recently created lot located west of 8115 SE Yamhill StreetWillamette Carpentry owns the property and will serve as the general contractor on the project.

Provision Investments sold the property to Willamette Investments at the end of 2020, having just bought it months before. The Provision sign is still on the property. However, their involvement with the apartment project is unknown. Willamette Carpentry recently worked on the NOTA apartment building on NE Glisan Street, located on the outside edge of Montavilla.

Details about the apartment building are not yet public. The project’s designer, Bayard Mentrum Architecture, has worked on several similar apartment projects over the years. If their past apartment designs influence this project, it should provide attractive housing density that will not dominate the nearby single-family homes.

Home with ADU on Multnomah Street

A new single-family residence with an attached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is proposed for NE Multnomah Street. The new building will replace a detached garage located at 1205 NE 70th Ave. In late 2020,  Provision Group requested a land division of this property. Soon it will become two distinct parcels, making way for the new development.

Last month, builders continued their transformation of the corner lot by submitting permit 21-001970. It proposes the construction of a two-story building containing dual residences. The new homes will front on NE Multnomah Street, around the corner from the property’s original 1928 era house. The structure will prioritize living space and not offer a garage.

Additionally, Provision Group is developing properties on SE Yamhill Street and NE Hoyt Street. It is not uncommon for a builder to have more than one active project in Montavilla. However, most of those projects use similar designs. It is unknown precisely what styles of homes this builder will create, but differences in each property would call for a unique structure. Regardless, Montavilla will soon gain the additional housing so needed in our area.

Duplex Demo on NE Hoyt

The new owners of a single-story duplex on NE Hoyt Street submitted a permit application to demolish the building. Located at 9022-9032 NE Hoyt Street, the multi-family structure occupies a 9,500 square-foot lot capable of accommodating four houses or another multi-family development. Permit approval is on a mandatory 35-day demo hold.

Demolition permit 20-223098 seeks to raze the building and cap the sewer line. The 1959 era duplex is built without a basement, simplifying the demolition. A decommissioned septic system will need to be removed or otherwise addressed by this work permit.

Provision Group bought this property in September of 2020, and it represents the third Montavilla based project by the developer. Their other sites are both infill housing on fully developed streets. However, this Hoyt Street property sits across from another sizable housing development currently under construction.

The recently renamed Gracelyn Commons subdivision completed its first phase last year. Development work for that project cleared overgrown trees and improved the gravel road with a modern street. When completed, the subdivision will support a total of 15 new homes.

Until recently, this dead-end section of NE Hoyt Street went mostly overlooked and underdeveloped. Being position atop a bluff provides these new homes clear views of Portland’s streetscape, making multi-story homes here more valuable. This area of Montavilla is likely to see continued change with more properties redeveloped to offer higher quality housing and greater density.

NE Hoyt Dead End

Garage Demo on NE Multnomah Street

Demolition of a detached garage located on NE Multnomah Street near NE 70th Ave is proposed. Removal of this structure makes way for a property line split ahead of further development at this site. Provision Investments acquired this property in October of 2020.

The garage is currently part of the property at 1205 NE 70th Ave. Property line adjustment 20-214659 will split the lot, making a new property fronted on NE Multnomah Street. Permit application 20-223124 seeks to demolish the detached garage. This process is standard procedure ahead of developing a lot with infill housing.

NE Multnomah Street was previously an unimproved road. New asphalt covers this section of the roadway. However, the street has no sidewalks or curbs. The development of this corner lot has the potential to connect the existing sidewalk on NE 70th Ave with NE Multnomah Street. The developer also has the option to pay into Portland’s LTIC fund instead of creating a sidewalk.

The development of this property is a straightforward infill project with the lease impact on neighbors. The property already has two structures on it. Residential space will replace the garage, making for more effective use of land. Likely the existing 1928 era house will receive updates as part of the project, further enhancing this section of Montavilla.