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Mt Tabor Villas Opens to Residents

The twelve unit apartment building at 475 NE 74th Ave has completed construction and is now ready to rent. Named Mt Tabor Villas, this near Glisan Street building sits behind the Candle Light Restaurant. It features many high-end finishes that should attract renters to the area.

Project owner, John Olson, took over this development from another group that had started work on it a few years previous. Progress on the project stalled after the building permits were approved and eventually they sold to Olson. Taking on a project at this phase restricted the ability to alter the project significantly. However, he made his mark on the building by installing quality materials and fixtures. Throughout the apartment, wide door molding and base trim outline the rooms. Bathroom vanities are wall-hung, with linear tile mosaic backsplashes. Kitchens feature stainless steel appliances and subway tile extending from countertop to cabinetry. 

There is no carpet installed anywhere in the building. Instead, Olson selected woodgrain composite planks. Not only are they ecstatically pleasing and durable, but it also allows for most tenants to avoid charges after moving out. The material used for this project holds up well to daily use and requires minimal cleaning between renters. “Everyone wants their deposit back, so our job is to help make that happen.” Said Kaslynn Brewer, Property Manager with Edge Management, who represents this building.

The apartment building does not offer onsite parking and 74th Ave has limited parking on one side of the street. However, the building is well situated for bus and bike commuters. The TriMet 19 bus line runs along Glisan with stops nearby. A secure bike room on the first floor has direct outside access to the side yard, where bike commuters can safely enter the building away from the street. A second door from the bike room leads into the interior hallway.

Side yard provides bike room access from the street.

These apartments are different than most found in Montavilla. Apartments in the area are older and don’t offer secure building entry and convenient bike storage. Mt Tabor Villas is the first in what may soon become a wave of modern apartment buildings coming to the neighborhood. Future developments will likely continue on NE Glisan with Metro’s redevelopment of the TBN site

Move-in dates for Mt Tabor Villas start in October. Expect to see the building full of people in the coming months, making Glisan a bit more lively.

The front stairwell is full of natural light and offers nice views.

UPDATEAn earlier version of this article mistakenly stated that 74th Ave had parking on both sides of the street. Parking is prohibited on the east side of 74th Ave.

August Construction Update

Montavilla’s many construction projects continue to make progress at different speeds. COVID-19 has disrupted some schedules while other developments have kept a hurried pace.

342 NE 75th Ave. has completed principle framing. The building’s final shape and style are now visible to neighbors. The cladding will determine how well it blends in with the other houses on the street, but so far, it successfully fits the area.

475 NE 74th Ave finally removed the construction fencing and painted the remaining portion of the building. This twelve unit apartment building project took its time and still may be a ways off from renting to the public.

9000 Hoyt Street subdivision is moving headed with the first three of fifteen new homes. They recently completed the private road for the whole subdivision with pervious pavers.

7901 NE Glisan Street is painted and work at the billiards hall on the right half of the property is progressing inside.

Off Glisan Apartments

475 NE 74th Ave is soon to be the newest apartment building in Montavilla. The 3 Story, twelve (12) unit apartment building is directly behind the Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge, and across from the former Trinity Broadcasting Network building.

It is outwardly understated in appearance but will feature a unique entryway. On the right side of the entrance alcove will be a sing door that leads to a long hallway, zigzagging back, providing access to the apartments. Just off the front portion of the hallway is the stairwell that runs up the Northeast corner of the building. If this was the extent of the entryway it would seem a bit constrained, although adequate. However to the left of the entry door is large glass windows that will show off a Display Wall, set two and half feet back from the window. This feature is more common in retail spaces and is interesting to see in an apartment building this size. There is not room enough for a lobby so it gives a grand entrance look without the loss of space.

On the first floor, Unit 1, is a modest one bedroom apartment. Unit 2 however has a dedicated den and storage room, in addition to its one bedroom. Units 3 and 4 are two bedroom units of similar size. The remaining space on the first floor is occupied by an indoor trash room.

Floors two and three share a similar layout as the first floor. However, without a trash room taking up space, the back two units are slightly larger. Each unit has its own washer and dryer stack and one full sized bathroom. This apartment building offers a variety of layouts and should attract a range of tenants to the area.

The property is owned Afoofoo 2 LLC, but unlike some developments, Afoofoo is not the likely name for this building. It seems to be the name used by the developer for many projects and the property could be sold once completed.

No rental listings have been released yet and it is unknow what rates can be expected. We will post that information here when it becomes available.