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Stein Haus Building Razed

After eighty-six years, the Stein Haus building at 2366 SE 82nd Ave met its end. The long-shuttered building’s removal makes way for a new building, yet to be announced. The old establishment had a long history in the area, representing the old-Portland bar culture.

Demolition permit 20-187725 issued to the developer on October 9th, and twelve days later, crews razed the structure. The property is owned by the same company that recently completed the Pacific Plaza building adjacent to this lot.

The Stein Haus building existed during the car-centric era of 82nd Ave. Its design attracted attention from moving vehicles, and it pushed far forward towards the street, encroaching on the sidewalk. Any new structure will need to sit back from SE 82nd Ave, creating a safer pedestrian area.

Losing older structures like Stein Haus is always disheartening. However, redevelopment can make way for a better economic and socially enriching future. Hopefully, another business with rich character will occupy this spot.

Stein Haus Building Demolition

The dilapidated building at 2366 SE 82nd Ave is set to be demolished in the coming weeks. CSS Properties LLC owns this building and the new Pacific Plaza building next door. It is being removed ahead of a future development project at this site.

Demolition Permit 20-187725 seeks to demolish the restaurant and bar. The application notes this is on the “same lot as [a] single-family residence currently being demolished under 19-253142-RD.” That earlier demolition occurred months before making room for Pacific Plaza trash enclosure.

This building once was home to the Stein Haus bar and would have become the Last Drop Bar. However, those plans changed sometime after the COVID-19 shutdown. The demolition will bring an end to a unique building from Portlands past, but its replacement is part of 82nd Ave’s needed transformation. That change will help make the area walkable and a comfortable place for people to live and work.

Last Drop Bar Replacing Stein Haus

Based on a tip from our eagle eyed reader, Andi Bernard, it looks like the Stein Haus property will be transformed into a new bar called Last Drop.

The text of permit 2019-253142-000-00-RS is scoped to “demolish single family residence with basement to be filled” at 2366 SE 82nd Ave. The demolition permit was suggestive that the whole site would be cleared. However, now that the plans are available for public review, the underlined note on the documents leaves no doubt, “This Bar Building to Remain.

This is exciting news for those lamenting the death of old Portland bar culture. One icon of that time will be saved. The next question is what will the Last Drop become.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission received a license request for the Last Drop, late last year. The company requesting the license is CT Royalty Inc., formed one year ago on March 29th 2019. The president and chief agent of that company is Kent K Chan. Very little information, beyond that, is available at this time

More information should be coming soon, as the Stein Haus building will need a great deal of work to return to service as a bar and possible restaurant. This will be a property to watch, as signs of life for this once written off building return.

Stein Haus Property

UPDATE: The Stein Haus main building will be saved.

The building that housed Stein Haus bar, then other businesses and again Stein Haus bar, is being torn down. Permit 19-253142-000-00-RS calls for the building at 2366 SE 82nd Ave to be removed. “Demolish single family residence with basement to be filled.”

The demolition is not surprising, as it has sat empty for nearly a year. With the neighboring property on SE 82nd Ave. being developed into Pacific Plaza, it was expected to be next for demolition.

CSS Properties LLC owns 2366 SE 82nd Ave, 2464 SE 82nd Ave, and the property behind it, 2410 WI/ SE 82nd Ave. The combined lots will become a large property with frontage on SE 82nd Ave, SE Division Street and SE 83rd Ave. CSS Properties LLC bought 2366 SE 82nd Ave 02/28/2019 when Stein Haus closed. Back in the middle of 2018, CSS Properties LLC had submitted a proposal for a $3,457,108 project at 2410 SE 82nd Ave. They wanted to build a one story commercial building. That project never proceed past the initial steps. Development of that project likely morphed into what is now Pacific Plaza.

The Stein Haus lot was not part of the Pacific Plaza project as submitted to the city. However, being owned by the same LLC would indicate its development will likely compliment the work being done adjacent to it at Pacific Plaza.