Boarded up for Security

Perhaps a troubling sign of heightened crime, Green Front Dispensary has boarded up their windows. Over the last few weeks, individually covered windows indicated damage to the storefront. Now the whole store is covered in painted plywood, ahead of rolling shutter installation.

A popular cannabis retail location, Green Front Dispensary, is located at 6834 NE Glisan Street. They appear to have reacted to repeated window damage through fortification. Although calls and emails have gone unanswered, the exterior modifications indicate a chosen path to address the vandalism.

The artistically painted wood coverings are similar to what other closed businesses have had to resort to during the pandemic. However, Green Front Dispensary is open while boarded up. The housing and track of exterior rolling shutters are visible on the edges of the window frames. These devices are standard security measures for retail locations needing protection.

Likely the wood covering will come down soon, and the exterior rolling shutters will protect the windows at night. It is unfortunate that any business would need to resort to this level of protection, but it may become common for neighborhood businesses if vandalism becomes more brazen.

Exterior Rolling Shutters