82nd Ave Crossing at NE Pacific

Update August 1st, 2022: Construction is complete and the rapid flash beacons are available for pedestrians to use.

Update March 11th, 2022: Crews completed all curb ramps and a new pedestrian crossing island this month. Soon workers will add button-activated rapid flashing beacons for this 82nd Avenue crosswalk.

West side of 82nd Avenue mid block curb ramp

Update February 26th, 2022: Crews completed the curb reconstruction at the northeast corner on 82nd Avenue and NE Pacific Street. Wood forms for the southeast corner are ready for concrete, while demolition crews remove the last portions of the preexisting pedestrian island in the middle of 82nd Avenue. Soon an enhanced crosswalk waypoint will protect people as they cross the five lanes of the busy highway and button-activated rapid flashing beacons will indicate to motorists that they must yield to those about to enter the crosswalk.

Northeast corner after reconstruction

Original Article Published February 11th, 2022.

This week, construction crews closed off one lane in each direction on 82nd Avenue at NE Pacific Street. Heavy equipment is breaking apart the pavement surrounding the old pedestrian median island to allow for expanded protection at the crosswalk waypoint. In addition to enhanced crossing facilities on 82nd Avenue, contractors will reconstruct the corners and curb ramps at the intersection.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) funded this project ahead of the jurisdiction transfer of highway OR 213 (82nd Avenue) to the City of Portland. Officials expect that process to complete at the end of March 2022. A handful of ODOT projects will continue past the transfer date, including this enhanced crossing at NE Pacific Street.

ODOT will upgrade the south side of the intersection with crosswalk striping and rectangular rapid flash beacons. The existing pedestrian median island midway through 82nd Avenue will remain with some modifications. Last October, crews installed the foundation and wiring conduit for a traffic signal mast arm and pole. It will support the pedestrian crossing’s flashing beacons over the roadway.

Foundation and wiring for a traffic signal mast arm and pole on southeast corner

Crossing improvements at this location should aid pedestrians needing access to Montavilla Park or Multnomah University’s campus. The next closest signalized crossings are 800 feet to the north and 1,000 feet to the south. This improvement, along with the lower speed limits recently enacted, could reduce the number of traffic injuries experienced by people along this busy road.

Median island midway through 82nd Avenue before work began