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Farmers Market Open Again

Many vendors have returned to the Montavilla Farmers Market today, May 3rd. The market has expanded into some of the area that had once been part of Beets Auto Body, to allow for greater distance between vendors. This is to facilitate walking past each other with at least six feet of clearance.

They have expanded the fencing around the area to control the flow of shoppers moving through the space and help everyone stay safe. A full listing of precautions and rules can be found on their site. If you feel like you can follow the procedures and be safe, please consider paying them a visit today. Please also note that they are resurving 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM for customers who are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and/or have compromised immune systems.

Beets Auto Body Razed

This week marked the end of the Beets Auto Body building after 80 years on the corner of SE 76th and Stark. Over the last year its future was unsure, especially after developer Randy Rapaport boarded up the property. Many residents were concerned about how long it would sit vacant but not too long after the food carts and Artists where evicted, the building was demolished. Now we will have a long continuous open space on Stark Street. There is a new owner of all the properties form the corner of 76th Ave, 518 SE 76th Ave, to the former veterinary office at 7714 SE Stark. This includes the Montavilla Farmers Market lot.