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Duplicate Infill Houses

Under construction at 8014 SE Madison Street, the new three-bedroom house shares the exact layout as another recently completed house in Montavilla. 1328 NE 76th Ave by Wilde Properties completed construction at the beginning of the year. Both houses use the same plan set provided by Thogerson Designs.

The listing for 1328 NE 76th Ave contains some interior images. However, it is likely that Capital Builders LLC, the developer of 8014 SE Madison Street, will use different finishes in this project. Exterior cladding may also utilize other materials and colors.

As with the other house, a single car garage occupies eleven feet of the fifteen-foot wide home. Set back eight feet from the front of the house is the entryway. This setback has the advantage of reducing hallway length from the front door to the rest of the house and provides a covered porch. Inside the front door, a four-foot-wide hallway leads back to the center of the house. Just before reaching the great room is a small 1/2 bath, tucked under the U-shaped stairs. The bathroom is small enough you could wash your hands while seated but has adequate headroom. The Great Room with a gas fireplace is beyond the U-shaped stairs. Above the fireplace are hookups for a wall-mounted TV. The kitchen and dining area occupy the back of the first floor. A sliding glass door leads out to the back yard.

The master bedroom fills the front of the second floor. The ensuite contains a double vanity, separate shower, and soaking tub. Across from the ensuite is a double-wide closet. The ensuite wall and the closet doors form a ten-foot long hallway to the master bedroom door. Having the hallway in the room gives the bedroom an extra level of privacy, even if the door is open.

At the top of the stairs is a shallow linen closet. The hallway stretches down the right side of the building, ending in a full bathroom, taking up the second floor’s right back corner. The left side, of the rear portion of the level, is split between two bedrooms and a laundry room. The Laundry room is between two standard bedrooms and backed against the closets for each bedroom.

Reusing blueprints is not uncommon in this type of construction. Considering that there are few successful designs for a narrow lot, there are bound to be replication and reuse. Having two different builders construct a house from the same plans will be interesting to observe. Each one should put a unique spin on design, highlighting how substantially finishes can change a home’s appearance.

Construction Beginning at Madison Street Infill Home

Heavy equipment is on-site at 8014 SE Madison Street ahead of construction work. A new building permit for a single-family residence was recently issued. The two-story home with one car garage took six months to receive approval.

A fresh spread of crushed rock forms a temporary driveway on the site after many months of inactivity. Plans are not yet available for public review. However, the reduced width of the property and inclusion of an attached garage will limit the floor-plan options for this home. It will likely be similar to other infill homes seen in the neighborhood.

The Skinny Infill

UPDATED – The lot at 8020 SE Madison Street has been split and permit applications have been submitted. The proposed new single family residence will be a two story, 1-car garage structure on a very narrow lot.

Capital Builders LLC is listed as the owner of the 1989 single story house at 8020 SE Madison Street. The future address for the new house is not know, as the parcel division has yet to be recorded in Portland maps. Although, the boundary of 8020 SE Madison Street has been reduced on the map to end at the new fence line.

Montavilla should expect to see even more infill like this one. Developments that fit in spaces some may think are too small to accommodate another house. Despite the feeling that we are endlessly adding new residences to Portland, new reports show we are still falling short of what is needed. The alternative, to this type of infill, is more apartments and less single family housing. Both new apartments and new homes are being built in Montavilla and will probably continue to be built, in quantity, over the next decade as our population spikes.

Good architecture and infrastructure improvements will help lessen the appearance of density. It will be exciting to see how this new house on the skinny lot uses the space to its fullest.

Update – The house number has been assigned. 8014 SE Madison Street is the new house address. 03/​02/​2020 08:01 NSFR 20-111080-RS.

Originally published February 25, 2020