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One Home Becomes Ten on NE 92nd

Instrinsic Homes LLC bought the expansive 100-foot by 100-foot property at 811 NE 92nd Avenue a year ago. The new owners split the land into three parcels, selling the corner house to new residents and selling the undeveloped lots to Dez Development. Soon nine townhomes will surround the existing 1925-era home, creating a total of ten residences out of land previously used for just one single-family-dwelling.

Splitting the lot and reselling the separate parcels netted Instrinsic Homes around $250,000 and created two new development opportunities. The 4,455-square-foot property accessed from NE Oregon Street will contain six residences. The smaller 2,103 square-foot undeveloped lot fronted on NE 92nd Avenue will support three townhouses. Each of those Townhouse units split living space across two floors. The developer has not proposed onsite parking for these projects.

This site redevelopment will preserve the nearly 100-year-old home while substantially increasing available housing. Although this will be one of the most efficient redevelopments in Montavilla, it is two units less than the eleven-townhouse development planned at 2321 SE 89th Avenue or the Twelve Townhouses nearly completed on SE 86th Avenue. The SE 89th project will also preserve the original home, but the SE 86th development razed the existing structures. Expect construction to start on NE 92nd Avenue in the next six to eighteen months, and anticipate many new neighbors within this area by 2024.

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1905 House Deconstruction on NE Glisan

The new owner of 7132 NE Glisan Street intends to deconstruct the house and detached shed to make way for a future housing development. DEZ Development bought the corner lot in late May and applied for a demolition permit earlier this month. Designers are currently working on plans for the replacement housing coming to this site.

When approved, demolition crews will clear the lot of all structures and fill the basement cavity. Although most buildings near this property are business-oriented, DEZ Development is committed to building housing at this location. Realtors had listed the hundred-year-old home as a fixer-up-er, and interior pictures of the house indicate significant neglect. Previous owners of the 1,568-square-foot home failed to upgrade or maintain the structure over its many years.

800 E. Glisan Sanborn Map 1909

When constructed in 1905, the home had an address of 800 E. Glisan. By 1920, it was renumbered to 1834 East Glisan and owned by R. S. Wildemuth. The owner and his home were featured in an advertisement for Sibloco Pipeless Furnace in The Oregon daily journal of October 31st, 1920. This home changed to its current address after the Great Portland Renumbering in the early 1930s.

NE Glisan Street has significantly changed since 1905. Once the lifeblood of the neighborhood, the Montavilla streetcar running down its center ended service by the 1950s. Residences along the street gave way to businesses. Automotive traffic has increased significantly since then, making Glisan an arterial roadway. However, the neighborhood is changing again with a return of housing and small businesses catering to local residents. With luck, the replacement housing built on this site will accommodate a new generation of people calling NE Glisan their home.

1834 E Glisan Sanborn Map 1928

Infill Home Coming to NE 75th

A traditional infill home is coming to a new split lot on NE 75th Ave. The new house is located between E Burnside and NE Glisan, at 342 NE 75th Ave.

The new single-family residence is being built on a new lot, split from 352 NE 75th Ave. That existing house is currently for sale and includes an easement for the driveway. The driveway runs along the south side of the building and ends in a parking pad in the back of the house. Part of the driveway is on 342 NE 75th Ave’s property.

The new house will be 20 feet wide at the front, with the majority of the first floor being taken up by a sing car garage. The front door leads to a long hallway. To the left of the hallway are the stairs up to the second story and a coat closest. Just pass the hallway there is an open kitchen to the right and a half bathroom to the left. At the back of the first floor are a great room and dining room combination. The dining room pushes out to the south with two large windows. This feature adds another foot to the width. The southeast corner of the first floor is notched, to provide a four and a half foot by seven and a half foot covered patio. The great room features a direct vent fireplace, on the north wall.

At the top landing of the second floor stairs, is a doublewide laundry closet. The front of the second floor has the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a three quarters master bathroom. Centered on the south side of the second floor is the full bathroom, to be shared by two standard bedrooms. Those bedrooms evenly split the back half of the second floor.

The primary roof has its ridge line span the short width of the building. A smaller front-facing gable roof covers the master bedroom and garage, which both project five feet forward from the house. This roof orientation is becoming more common with skinny houses. Compared to the ridge line running the length of the building and all gable ends facing the street.

Rotating the roof peek 90 degrees, creates a taller center point in the attic. That added space is being used to house the water heater and furnace. Most often those units would be located in the garage. There is a tankless water heater wall mounted in the garage. It is most likely dedicated to first floor use.

This new house should fit comfortably between its neighbors. It is not too skinny, nor is it a radical design that will look out of place. The one missed opportunity comes from the driveway easement. If only that could have been shared between both houses. That would have facilitated the garage placement in the back of the house. Design where the front of the house can be more active, allows the house to contribute to the neighborhood character. An important feature particularly as density increases.

342 NE 75th Ave Before Construction.

House with ADU on Flag Lot

A new Single Family home, with attached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), is proposed for NE 78th Ave. The building permit application seeks to build on a recently created flag lot. The new property was created by dividing 338 NE 78th Ave, prior to its most recent sale.

Image from Portland Maps

There is no garage planed for the new two story building. Possibly because of the mature trees that are blocking a clear path to where the structure will be constructed. The lot and house have not yet received a street number. The application only lists NE 78th Ave as the address.

Dez Development is the Applicant on the permit application. Slavik Dezhnyuk, Managing Member of Dez Development, wrote in to clarify his company’s involvement. “DEZ Development is only assisting the owner with the permitting and is not involved in the development or construction of the project.”

More should be known when the building permit application is approved and construction begins. Flag lot construction is a good method to add housing density without crowding the existing houses. It should be a welcomed addition of single family housing and an apartment.

UPDATEDThis article was updated with the email response from Dez Development, correcting an earlier version, stating they were involved in the future construction on the property.