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NE 80th Townhouses Listed

The two duplexes on the corner of NE 80th and Holladay Street are now listed for sale. They are staged and photographed. The landscaping has been meticulously displayed for maximum curb appeal. They are ready to sell and the question is are people ready to buy.

986 NE 80th Ave is a 3 Beds 2 Baths, 1,166 square foot, two level home. It lists for $409,000.

990 NE 80th Ave is also a 3 Beds 2 Baths, 1,166 square foot, two level home. It lists for $399,000.

8012 NE Holladay Street is a 3 Beds 3 Baths home. It has three levels and a one car garage. At 1,469 square feet, it lists for $474,900.

8016 NE Holladay Street similarly offers 3 Beds 3 Baths and is a 1,469 square foot home. It has three levels and a one car garage, listing for $484,900.

These properties represent the most recent new home construction being listed in Montavilla. How well they sell should be an indication of how stable the housing market will be, coming out of our current economic situation. They seem to be priced right where they would have been in 2019, for this type of housing.

This is a sound approach to real estate at the moment. Portland is different than other parts of the country and there is nothing but speculation as to the outcome of our paused economy. Regardless, these are unique building in the neighborhood and will provide a nice home to their future owners.

APP Site for Sale or Lease

Associated Petroleum Products (APP) has moved out of their fueling facility at 9270 NE Glisan Street. The property is listed for sale or lease by Keller Williams Realty’s KW Commercial. The large lot is listed for a price of $1,295,000. Despite its diminutive appearance from NE Glisan, it is a long property equivalent to six residential lots.

For sale is a 35,000 SF lot with 31,736 SF of highly sought after partially paved and gravel yard. The property is fully enclosed by cyclone fencing, includes two buildings and environmental completion. The front building (2,400 SF) has three total grade doors, a reception area, three offices, a break room, a restroom, and a 600 SF loft. The back warehouse building (864 SF) has one grade door, a cement floor, and three phase electrical. The front 10,000 SF of the property is zoned mixed use commercial. The back 25,000 SF is zoned residential development, or grandfathered in as a truck yard. – KW Commercial’s listing description –

Although this location is well suited to a similar commercial application, its location would be ideal for a mixed use development. This lot would be a challenge to split into separate properties, as it is missing an access road. NE 93rd Ave does not extend across Glisan. This only leaves the option of maintaining a private access to the other lots. If residential development is destin for this location, a subdivision or apartment complex would be a good solution. Additionally the fronting along NE Glisan would allow for the potential to include retail in the development.

Taylor Court Grocery for Sale

The somewhat secret Taylor Court Grocery has existed just blocks away of Montavilla town for nearly 100 years. Located at 1135 SE 80th Ave, this neighbourhood grocery prevailed while almost all others have closed down. Owners Errol and Mel have operated the store since 1996. They are just the most recent operators of the grocery that first opened its doors in 1921. Four months ago the store, and adjoining house, were listed for sale. The combined business and house are listed at $950,000. As of yet, the property has not sold.

Many people have chronicled the history and community contribution of this special store. There is a great public interest in who will buy this property. Finding a buyer who is interested in running the Taylor Court Grocery will be difficult. It is not often that a store can last 100 years in the same location, even more rare for that store to be a low margin business like a grocery. On top of all of that it is not on a main street and best serves pedestrians. It is just as likely to be sold to someone interested in developing the lot for other purposes.

I think everyone hopes that the new owners will see how special the store is and keep it in operation. One way or another, Errol and Mel have done a great job keeping the store going and deserve to pass it along and start their next chapter in life. We will keep an eye on this property, and should the Taylor Court Grocery close it doors, I hope the new owners will let the community save the sign and preserve this part of Montavilla history.

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TBN Site Bought by Metro

The former Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) location, off NE Glisan, has been bought by Metro. 432 NE 74th Ave was owned by TBN for decades and remained closed to the public for most of that time. They operated the location as a broadcasting facility and, outside a few cars in the parking lot, did not have much activity at this site. However the building looks to have sold to Metro according to Portland Maps. This is a massive property, right off NE Glisan between 74th and 75th Ave. It is just over half the block.

At the moment, it is unclear what Metro has planned for this newly acquired property. It is likely they will hold onto the site for a future development opportunity. The wait should not be too long as a recent Metro Request for Proposals, 3727 On Call Property Management Services, lists “Former TBN Site 432 NE 74th Ave Portland Commercial 1.65 (acres) 19,000 (SF) Available for short term lease.” This would indicate that they will want to do something with the property in the next few years, or at least keep that option open.

Updated information about this project can be found here.