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Academy Theater Opening July 16th

The Academy Theater will reopen to the public next month, 68 weeks after it closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. The opening date appeared last week alongside a detailed accounting of the movie theater’s history. As the 1948 era move house prepares for the July 16th reopening, staff also ready for a busy summer season.

Located at 7818 SE Stark Street, The Academy Theater closed its doors in March 2020. After the last show on Friday the 13th, the staff locked up for a several-week-long intermission while the country tried to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, over a year later, the theater remained dark, even as other surrounding businesses reopened in phases.

After so much time shuttered, extensive work is needed to ready the business for an eager audience. Co-Owner, Heyward Stewart barely has time to prepare everything and has dedicated all his efforts towards that goal. “I am super busy at the moment trying to get things together for our reopening.” However, Stewart is excited that this day is finally approaching and what reopening could mean for the neighborhood. “[We] look forward to being a part of the revitalization of Montavilla.”

The Academy Theater is often seen as the symbolic heart of Montavilla and is an iconic representation of the Stark Street business district. Its reopening will signify the actual end of restrictions and the beginning of returning to normalcy for many. Keep an eye on the movie theater’s marquee for coming attractions and showtimes but regardless of what’s playing, consider a visit to make up for the lost time.

Making Sure the Last to Reopen, Can

Our Academy Theater has anchored Montavilla Town since its opening in 1948. It closed as a theater in the 1970s and operated as an office. 2006 saw its return to glory as a movie house. Modern issues have threatened the viability of the Academy Theater. Whether it was the conversion from film to digital or a electrical fire, the community has supported it. We all know how valuable it is, not just for the entertainment they provide, but also as an icon of our neighborhood.

So once again we need to show our continued support. Please consider buying a Gift card.

It may feel like Oregon is on the cusp of reopening, but some businesses will have to wait longer than others to serve patrons again. Places of mass gathering will not be opening quickly. Even when opened, people may be scared to go to the movies. Things will get better but if we want to enjoy the future as it was before, we will have to invest in it now.